We wanted to share this exciting, new narrative written by our director, Nate Decoste. This booklet is based on the Bible story of Jonah and can be used for family reading. Please feel free to share. This pdf is free and can be printed. For more from Nate DeCoste visit his website,

You’ve probably heard of the story of Jonah and the Big Fish. It’s one of the most famous Bible stories. Everyone talks about this enormous fish that swallowed a grown man whole – which is pretty impressive. However, the story is far more than just a tale about a man and a fish. It’s a story that shows us the all mighty power of God, it shows the incredible love of God, and it shows us that God will go even to the depths of the sea to save sinners.

I wrote this narrative based on the Biblical book of Jonah as a tool for family devotions for my kids. I took some creative liberties, but made sure to keep the heart of the story in tact. I hope it can bless you and your family.

Looking unto Him,


(Printable PDF File)



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