8 Ways To Listen To Audio Stories With Your Kids

Audio stories present a wonderful way to entertain children, but without the buzz and flicker of the TV. Our desire at Sailaway is not to just tell stories but to bring the stories to life. They can become a building block in a child’s learning and their love for literature. Listening to stories can stimulate the mind and build vocabulary, imagination, and comprehension. We want to create audio stories for the young and the young at heart – stories that both children and their parents can enjoy together. It is our goal to publish stories that encourage the intellect and imagination that kids have, in a wholesome, fun, and refreshing way.


1. While building a masterpiece out of legos or blocks.

Spill the bucket and let your kids build to their little hearts content. While they’re at it, have them listen to a fun story.

2. While drawing or painting a picture.

Kids love to do art, and they love stories, why not do both at the same time? These first two ideas are fantastic for kids that may have a hard time just sitting and listening to something. Giving them an activity to do while they are listening will help them to concentrate.

3. At bedtime or even as the kids fall asleep.

Listening to a story can help kids to settle down into sleep. Obviously, use wisdom as to which stories the kids should listen to before bed. Light-hearted stories are probably a safer bet, especially for younger kids.

4. On the way to school.

Listening to funny and witty characters can help calm anxiety and stimulate the mind before a long day of learning.

5. During lunch.

If your kids are little or are homeschooled, a fun midday event could be to listen to a short story or part of a longer story while you eat.

6. On a road trip.

What’s a great way to make a long car ride go by faster? Audio stories. Entertain your kids for hours by picking a great audio story. It will minimize the, “Are we there yet?” question.

7. During chore time.

Mary Poppins said, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Well, what’s the perfect way to make chores fun? Listen to a story while having the kids work around the house.

8. On the plane

If you will be taking your kids on a flight somewhere, consider downloading our mobile app and letting your kids listen to some great stories to pass the time.

Use the wonderful tool of audio stories with your family. Check out our mobile app and if you would like to purchase a CD of our monthly audio magazines you can do so in our store.

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